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Namibia’s LGBT Community wants Legal Protection

At the first pride parade in Namibia’s capital, Windhoek, participants are demanding for legal protection.

News 24 is reporting that while the participants in the parade were chanting “We are One,” some onlookers were yelling derogatory slurs. While homosexuality is not illegal in Namibia, sodomy is criminalised and punishable by a jail term, though this law is rarely enforced. Same Sex Couples also complain about lack of legal protection especially during cases of domestic  violence.

“The request is not for marriage. The request is for some legal protection to couples that live together,” said Friedel Dausab, director of Out-Right Namibia an LGBTI organisation.

While the march was the first such to be held in the capital, protests over discrimination against gays and lesbians have taken place previously in other Namibian towns.


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