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Kele Okereke features Olly Alexander on new song about Gay Love

Bloc Party frontman, Kele Okereke has a new song out.

Titled ‘Grounds For Resentment’ the British Nigerian singer features Olly Alexander, lead singer of the band Years & Years. The two mainstream UK artists are openly gay and the song is about two men singing about their relationship.

When asked about working with Olly on The Guardian, he said:

I remember reading something that he wrote about the use of pronouns in pop music for gay artists that I thought that was very perceptive and intelligent – just that the use of pronouns was the last frontier for gay artists. There are lots of gay acts that avoid using the term he when singing about same sex desire. It will just be a neutral term, whereas Olly understands from what I read that there is a long way to go for gay musicians in being able to describe love and desire authentically. So I was very happy to sing a romantic duet with him on my album, because I couldn’t think of a precedent of any out gay musicians singing a love song to one another without having to hide behind codes. It was nice to put that all out there.

Listen to ‘Grounds For Resentment’ below



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