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Caster Semenya wins 800m following Twitter drama

Just before her 800m final on Sunday night, Caster Semenya was a trending topic on Twitter.

British media personality, Katie Hopkins suggested that it was unfair that Semenya competed in women’s athletics because of questions around her gender adding that the athlete married her girlfriend in the guise of a man.

Semenya did not let it weigh her down and she tweeted.

South Africans came to the defense of Semenya but Hopkins refused to back down from her rhetoric.


However, Sunday night saw Caster Semenya win gold in the 800m final at the World Athletics Championships, in a world leading time of 1:55.16. She currently has two medals after having won bronze in the women’s 1 500m final.

Many went on Twitter to congratulate her on her win.


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