It is Time to Tell Our Stories

If there is any time for the LGBT community to tell their stories, it is now.

Yesterday, the news of the man that murdered his 14-year-old son because he was gay broke and there have been reactions online. If you go to InstaBlog9ja’s page on Instagram, you will see horrendous comments made by Nigerians endorsing murder.

Below is an example.



I had to force myself not to visit the comment section. I am familiar with the homophobia that a lot of the followers have so I knew it was a bad idea looking in the first place. How can anyone function in a country where fellow citizens wish you dead? What is there to love about a country when the people who reside in the community do not regard your humanity and wish the worst for you? Is it worth it to continue to live in a society that doesn’t value you?

Still, there is nowhere to run to. Nigeria is our home.

It would be wonderful to run away to Canada or Australia and live happily ever after and ignore the pain of our friends who don’t have that luxury. Gay men are lynched in the streets losing all they own and some are blackmailed by corrupt law enforcement officials. We cannot ignore the cries of our lesbian sisters who are forced into marriages and ganged raped in the bid to correct their sexuality. This is the time for us to speak up and let our voices be heard. This is why The Rustin Times is here.

The Rustin Times wants to change the narrative and move the conversation about LGBT issues. We understand that stories are powerful and we want to use it to our advantage. We want people to read the Opinion Pieces by writers in the community about some of the issues that we are confronted with every day. We want community members to share stories of resilience, hope and even pain so that the world can understand what it means to be gay. We want to shoot docuseries and documentaries that will document the lives of the community and help our allies understand that the fight is far from over. More importantly, we will love to empower LGBTQ writers, filmmakers and creative people to create art without inhibitions; to push the boundaries that the mainstream media will not allow. That is the core of why we are here. The Rustin Times is one of the tools to achieve this and we need you to come create and share.

If you want to be a part of this journey, fill our contact form below and we will provide all the information that you need. Also, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates on all our activities and also for your daily news updates. Let us make a change, one post at a time.

~ Boye Black


Boye Black (a pseudonym) is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Rustin Times.


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