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Sign a Petition asking the British Prime Minister to apologise for the UK’s anti-gay legacy

In 37 countries in the Commonwealth, same-sex relations are criminalised and most of these laws come from old British colonial laws that have never been replaced. However, quite a number of the governments will refer to homosexuality as a “western import.” Community members in some of these countries face violence and end up fleeing from their homes

The heads of government of different countries in the Commonwealth are on their way to London for their high-level biennial meeting. All Out has started a petition alongside a few LGBT organisations including African Rainbow Family, Out-Right Namibia, Sexual Minorities Uganda, Spectrum Uganda Initiatives, UK Black Pride, United Belize Advocacy Movement, and Women’s Health and Equal Rights Initiative. The aim of the petition is to as the UK Prime Minister to apologise for the anti-gay laws the British once imposed. This will prove that it is not homosexuality, but homophobic laws that are a ‘Western import’.

Sign the petition here.

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