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LGBTIQ Africans have a voice with the AfroQueer Podcast

For us at The Rustin Times it is very important to celebrate various platforms using the media as a tool for advocacy for issues surrounding our community. For years, LGBTIQ Africans have had their stories distorted by the mainstream media. Sometimes it is because they don’t know better but sometimes it is usually because the mainstream media has been used to sensationalising the stories of people in the LGBTIQ community.

This is why what we do here is important and this is why we are introducing to you, AfroQueer Podcast.

Run by None on Record with the support of the British Council, it aims to not only tell stories of members of the community across the continent but to celebrate queer love, the laws affecting our lives, migration, media, race, class, censorship, family and sex.

Listen to the episode about Rafiki below and be sure to follow the podcast on Soundcloud.


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