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Singer and Actor, Nakhane Touré releases music video for ‘New Brighton’

Popularly known for his role in 2017 movie, Inexba (The Wound), Nakhane Touré is a South African actor, author and singer.

His music, a blend of soul and synth pop deal with identity, sexuality and the religion he’s disavowed.

In an interview with Fader, Nakhane Touré says that “New Brighton” was written back in 2013 on New Year’s Eve. Being present in his hometown of New Brighton, a township in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, he decided to view his city from the eye of a tourist for the first time.

“I couldn’t ignore the many colonial names and monuments that were triggers and oppressive reminders everywhere one went. I knew I was railing against colonialism, but I’d been surrounded by my mother and my aunts that entire December, and all I could think was how much black women had done for me, for my family and how it was them who held the black household together for so many people. Instead of these dead, thieving, white guys who claimed land as their own, our mothers were the ones who should have been celebrated. While all this was going on, when people were being brutalised: where was god and their angels?” he adds

New Brighton features English-born singer and visual artist, Anohni where she sings the line, “Never live in fear again”.

According to a report on Okay Africa, The song will be included in Nakhane Touré release of his 2018 work You Will Not Die, which is set to drop February 22.

Watch the video below.

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