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British-Nigerian Actress Seyi Omooba dropped from ‘The Color Purple’ Musical After Anti-LGBT Remarks Surface

Just a week ago, Seyi Omooba went on Twitter to thank God for her new role in ‘The Color Purple’ Musical. She would be one of the leads, playing the role of Celie in the critically acclaimed production.

Now she has been dropped.

This comes after an old Facebook post surfaced online of her making anti-LGBT remarks. Fans of The Musical were curious to know if she still stands by the remarks or if her position had evolved considering she will be playing an LGBTQ character. Seyi said nothing.

After a week of silence from the actress, producers of the show went on Twitter to say that she will no longer be a part of the musical and that it was a decision supported yby the Authors and Theatrical Rights Worldwide.

The producers have not announced who will be replacing her in the production and Seyi Omooba hasn’t made an official comment on the situation.

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