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Ines Rau is Playboy’s first Transgender Playmate

Playboy has a transgender playmate.

Ines Rau is the first transgender playmate in the 64-year history of the magazine. According to Cooper Hefner, a top executive at the magazine, the decision aligns with the magazine’s founding mission of embracing changing attitudes about sex.

Ines Rau first appeared in Playboy’s May 2014 issue in a special edition, that explored gender identities. She could not hide her excitement on the selection:

“It was a compliment like I’ve never had,” she said. “I’ve had a lot of beautiful compliments from gentlemen before, but this one really made me feel very special, beautiful and feminine. I was speechless.”


Many have gone on Twitter to congratulate her.


Rau who is of North-African descent appears in the centerfold of the November issue; the first since the death of the founder, Hugh Hefner. She has appeared in Vogue Italia and W magazine, and has walked the runway for top designers like Balmain.

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