About Us

Hello there,


My name is Boye Black (a pseudonym) and I want to thank you for checking out our website. This is The Rustin Times and our aim is to change the narrative surrounding issues about the LGBTIQ community. I would like to add here that while we are not affiliated with the Estate of Bayard Rustin; however, we are very inspired by his story.


Bayard Rustin was a civil rights activist who not only worked with Martin Luther King Jr. but spent his life fighting for economic justice for the black race. However, he was relegated to the background because of his sexuality. This is the plight of many Africans living in Africa.


We can find the cure for AIDS and help fight World Hunger but as soon as people know our sexuality, we face discrimination and persecution from the society. Everything we have worked for and are striving to achieve goes down the drain.


The Rustin Times is founded on the principles of justice, equality, inclusion and diversity. We want to tell the stories that need to be shared and also find ways to engage the society with written and video content. We hope that it will help change hearts and minds as we celebrate people in our communities making a difference.


Feel free to go through the content on our website and shoot us an email if you have questions or comments.


Together we will grow our community.