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Are you LGBT and Nigerian? One Action Foundation wants you to participate in an exciting campaign

One Action Foundation is currently working on a new web series and are calling on Nigeria’s LGBTQ community to share their powerful stories. The videos will be human-centric, create connection, raise awareness and hopefully break barriers of stigma, silence and shame.

Each episode will address issues like being in the closet, intimate partner violence, suicide and living with HIV. The questions that would be asked will highlight ongoing issues faced by the Nigerian LGBTQ+ community; including issues that affect the psycho-social well-being of the individual. The Foundation hopes to inspire community members to believe in themselves and affirm that they are worthy of opportunities in the society.

One Action Foundation promises to ensure that the identities of the people behind the stories are protected and remain anonymous. All the terms and conditions of a standard non-disclosure agreement are applicable to the correspondences and shared documents from One Action Foundation.

One Action Foundation believes this project will give the members of the community a sense of belonging while creating allies in the fight for equality for LGBT people.

To participate, click here.


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