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Olumide Makanjuola and Jude Dibia team up on soon-to-be-released book; Queer Men’s Narrative

Queer Literature, Nigerian Queer Literature to be specific is finally gaining ground. From Frank Edozien’s Lives of Great Men to She called me Woman and shorter anthologies from Brittle paper and Kabaka Republic, the future is bright for Queer literature in Nigeria (Even if we say so ourselves).

As part of publicity for their upcoming books, Cassava Republic — publishers of She Called Me Woman — recently released a list of all books to be released by the team in 2019. One of which is Queer Men’s Narrative.

As stated on the Cassava Republic Site announcing the book cover, Queer Men’s Narrative demonstrates that at the heart of it, queer men and straight men are very much alike in how they respond to society’s pressure and definition of what a man should be.

Cover page of Queer Men’s Narrative. Photo Credit: Cassava Republic.

The selected narratives show some queer men, like their straight counterparts, hold on to sexism, toxic masculinity and patriarchy as a way to justify their masculinity within a society that prescribes such a role and expectations.

Edited by key LGBT advocates; Olumide Makanjuola and Jude Dibia, Queer Men’s Narrative challenges society at large to re-think its idea of what being a man entails and what this means for society itself and how such concepts limits men and women’s freedom to be, to live and to understand each other.

As announced, the book will be available for sale on the 4th of June, 2019.

You can pre-order the book for 3000 naira (8.26 USD), here.

The Rustin Times celebrates the courage of the team at Cassava Republic for their commitment in amplifying the voices telling these important stories

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