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“Leave the country or face persecution,” A Nigerian police officer tells gay persons

Mrs. Dolapo Badmos, the Chief Superintendent and spokeswoman for the Lagos State Police Command in a recent statement warned gay persons in the country to leave the country or be persecuted. This statement was made on her personal Instagram account on Thursday, 17th January 2019.

“If you are homosexually inclined,” she wrote. “Nigeria is not a place for you.”

“There is a law (Same-sex Prohibition Act) here that criminalizes homosexual clubs, associations and organizations with penalties of up to 14 years in jail. So if you are homosexual in nature, leave the country or face prosecution.”

The officer’s Instagram post has since then drawn a lot of media attention.

“But before you say does these matter?! Kindly note that anything against the law of the land is criminal and all crimes will be punished accordingly no matter how small you think it is,” she continued.

She is talking about the Same-sex prohibition act of 2014. The bill, signed into law by Former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan puts known and perceived homosexuals at risk of 14-year jail term and NGOs and activists at risk of 10-year jail term.

Olumide Makanjuola, a Sexual Health and Rights advocate in a CNN report said the Instagram post is tantamount to inciting violence against LGBTQ people in Nigeria and Dolapo Badmos’ comments are unacceptable.

“Police should be wary with their statement and if they incite violence. What she said is out of line,” he added.

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