‘Go back to Africa,’ Paul Congemi tells Activists

Florida mayoral candidate Paul Congemi wants activists seeking reparations for African Americans to ‘go back to Africa.’

His statement went viral while he addressed Jesse Nevel, his rival and a supporter of the Uhuru Movement. The group is seeking slavery reparations for African-Americans.

Watch Congemi’s rant below.

Paul Congemi is not stranger to controversial views. The former democrat believes homosexuality is immoral and left the party after former U.S. President, Barack Obama declared his support for same sex marriage.

This is also not the first time he is making headlines. In January, The Tampa Bay Times reported that Congemi had been chargedwith felony elder abuse after his 87-year-old mother ended up in intensive care for bed sores. The charges were later dropped.

Congemi has said he will not drop pout of the race and that anyone who thinks he is racist, missed the point of his statement.

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