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Injabulo Projects calls for Idols SA to apologise to Ashern Madlopha for Transphobic remarks

Idols South Africa is in the news and this time, it is not for singing.

A clip wen viral on Twitter showing the judges debate on the gender of a contestant, Ashern Madlopha after her audition. Watch below.


The video sparked outrage on Twitter, with the hashtag #TransphobiaOnIdolsSA.


Injabulo Projects has started a petition calling for an immediate public and private apology to be issued to Ashern Madlopha. They also want the apology to be written and broadcast on the show.

While Idols South Africa and Mnet are yet to release an official statement on the petition, M-Net’s Nondumiso Mabece told the Daily Sun that the show has a history of supporting the LGBTQIA community. She added “It is shown in the make-up of the top 16 over the past seasons. Here, the judges judged the contestant’s voice. Contestants are treated equally and judged on their singing, irrespective of sexual orientation. The dialogue was an effort to understand the contestant’s identity. We apologise for any offence.”

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