Man held for allegedly raping his lesbian ex-girlfriend

A 25-year-old man is being held for allegedly raping his lesbian ex-girlfriend in Pretoria.

News24 is reporting that the rape happened on Sunday morning. He appeared briefly on Tuesday at the Pretoria Magistrate’s Court on a count of rape. The man who is a foreign national is currently in custody. The case was postponed to September 27 so he can get a legal representative.

The police’s Captain Daniel Mavimbela said the suspect was arrested on Sunday night during a sting operation. He allegedly told the woman while raping her that he wanted to impregnate her, and that same-sex dating was an abomination in his country of origin.

More information from News24 says that the woman had gone to a flat in Sunnyside to visit a friend who was with her boyfriend and the suspect.

“The alleged rape occurred once the couple left the flat to go and buy food. The woman reported the alleged incident to the police, and a manhunt was launched on the Sunday afternoon,” he said.

Brigadier Ramakamakama Kekana added in a statement that the crime was unacceptable.

“Same-sex interaction is not an atrocity in Sunnyside, rape is,” he said.

“In spite of the victim reportedly having made it clear to him that she no longer dated men, he allegedly saw it fit to enforce his own cultural beliefs on a vulnerable woman,” said Kekana.

The alleged rapist cannot be named as he was not asked to plead.

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