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Hornet Introduces “Community,” a New Way to Engage Globally

First-ever feature on any LGBTQ social network allowing users to make meaningful impact on Hornet including taking part in City Ambassador Programs and local language translations

Hornet, the world’s premier gay social network, introduces Community, the first platform for LGBTQ social networks where users will be able to become community contributors whose roles include: an ambassador on behalf of their city, directly affecting curation and local translation of content, a moderator helping improve the app ecosystem, a writer sharing meaningful stories, and the chance to beta test upcoming features.

Community offers multiple opportunities for all global users to directly impact Hornet. Users who are interested in helping shape the direction of Hornet will be able to contribute across various aspects of Hornet. These include but aren’t limited to:

  • City Ambassador Program- users wishing to provide the best tips and gay-focused information about their respective city will be able to help guide platform-wide content revolving around those regions
  • Community Stories Program- writers that wish to share their own content for Hornet users now have the opportunity to draft their own contributions for the editorial section of Hornet
  • Beta Tester Program- users interested in testing out new features will get to provide their feedback before products become widely available on the app, helping shape the user experience for all users
  • Moderator Program- users who wish to help keep Hornet a safe space without fake or abusive profiles will be able to monitor and report to the Hornet team suspicious or inappropriate behavior
  • Translator Program- multilingual users who are passionate about assisting the editorial team in converting articles, text, or content provided by users in other languages will be able to translate content that interest them

“Hornet has always had super-users and groups of people who share the same passion in wanting to make an impact on the platforms they’re using,” said Sean Howell, Hornet’s co-founder and president. “We’re now introducing a formal platform within Hornet that enables discussion and a gamification system to reward top contributors in the community. We created Hornet for the gay community, and its ever-evolving platform is built on contributions by our users.”

Hornet’s primary social media function that made it a global gay phenomenon remains, where guys can connect over commonly shared interests and stay in touch with their followers via comprehensive profiles. The addition of Community engages the Hornet Community within itself, creating meaningful connections in a group with shared interests, together actively shaping the direction of Hornet.

A current super-user, Leo Staffe, says this about Community:

“As part of Hornet Beta Tester program I can help in the maintenance of periodic updates and clean it of any bug introduced in major version changes. The Hornet Beta Tester Program allows me have the first taste of the app today. Once I knew what I was getting into and considering that Hornet is a growing social network I decided to apply for moderator status. […] Basically, my decision to volunteer as a moderator resonates with most people that volunteer for this: they are community members that want to help making the Hornet app safer and a better place to be! I’m really proud of it.”

More program opportunities and Hornet features will become available in the near future. Hornet users wishing to take part in Community, get engaged and contribute here:

Hornet’s free social network app available on iOSAndroid, and the web.

Hornet is the first Gay Social Network to present at Advertising Week New York.


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