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PrEP now available to university students in South Africa

University students in South Africa will be able to access PrEP.

In a report by TimesLIVE, the Higher Education and Training HIV & AIDS ( HEAIDS) national programme announced that HIV negative students at seven universities will be able to access Truvada, an antiretroviral pill that reduces the risk of contracting HIV‚ by at least 90% if taken daily. The medication will be available from approved campus health clinics.

The universities are Nelson Mandela University‚ Rhodes University‚ University of Limpopo‚ University of the Free State‚ University of Venda‚ University of Zululand and Vaal University of Technology.

Truvada had been introduced in South Africa in pilot projects for gay and bisexual men, and to some HIV-negative sex workers. It had not been made available to young people before.

In Canada, Ontario’s Health Ministry added the PrEP drug to its formulary of publicly covered drugs to take effect from September 28.

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