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Canada will officially apologise to the LGBTQ Community for years of discrimination

The LGBTQ Community in Canada is getting an official apology for years of discrimination and harassment.

The country’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau made the announcement over the weekend on Twitter.

The apology on the 28th will focus on individuals who have lost their jobs because of the sexuality.

According to CTV News, thousands of Canadians in the military, RCMP, and across the civil service were fired. This was from from the 1950s to 1992. Known as “the purge,” the government tried to weed out people that it felt were susceptible to foreign intimidation and blackmail because of their sexual orientation.

CTV News is also reporting that the country is facing a class action suit from more than 2,000 people who say they were persecuted for their sexuality. Negotiations are currently ongoing.

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