Delle Daniels: It’s no sin, Pervert!

Why is Homosexuality such a taboo?

Why is it such a grievous offence so much so that the law officials couldn’t leave judgement for their Supreme Being but had to take the laws into their calloused hands in the first place?

What makes homosexuality such a putrid act; much more than rape, paedophilia, bestiality, sexual abuse, child trafficking?

I don’t see any laws being put in place to stall these. And even if there are, I don’t see people make as much fuss over them as they do over homosexuality.

Which begs the question. Why is homosexuality such a terrible sin? What makes it “bigger” than the rest?

Growing up, I was exposed to a lot of television programming. Even at that tender age, I saw it was a man-woman world. There was always a father and then the ever homely mother.

In music videos, the guys sang about girls and used them as love interests. The same went for the ladies.
Even the cartoons had Rapunzel waiting for the prince and Sleeping Beauty dreaming about her male Knight.

So yes, it was pretty damn obvious that “Adams” and “Eves” were coupling everywhere. This is obviously the same story for a lot of people here.

What I failed to realise, however, was that TV would only project what is common. Because common is the norm.
But is uncommon bad? Because something isn’t the norm, does it make it evil?

Let’s not digress.

So yes, a lot of us had our psyche built on man and woman only. Black and white. (This, I like to think is the reason the LGBT community adopted the rainbow as their theme logo seeing as it encompasses other colours that aren’t black and aren’t white. A metaphor for other kinds of people that aren’t conventional heterosexuals).

When your mind has been built on a particular thing, it’s difficult feeding it with another. All your life you have seen love between a man and a woman and suddenly John says he’s in love with Tunde?


Well, it’s not for you to rack your brains over. Do not tell me things like, “How do you even enjoy having sex with your fellow man?”

This perverted question goes to show just how shallow-minded, how short-sighted, how pitifully dumb you actually are.
So you think all that exists between your mum and dad is some bam-bam session on the bed? You think being gay, straight or bisexual is all about who you fuck and who fucks you?

You think sexuality is sex?

I got inboxed recently by a friend of mine, we were roommates back then in the Uni and he was asking (as he’s been doing a lot these days, such a progressive young man), if someone who is straight has sex with a guy if that makes him gay.

My answer was simple. No.

It’s just an organ. A hole or dick, I like to say, is just a piece of flesh. My dick isn’t connected to my heart. I can fuck my enemy without having as much as a pinch of love for the person.
So if you as a gay man has casual sex with a young woman, don’t go dancing that you’ve been heterosexualised. Until you start thinking too much about her, start wishing she was by your side at that minute and all other mushy stuff that indicates you’re more than just curious, you are still a gay man.

So you see? When you see a gay person and the first thing that comes to your mind is how do they have sex and if they enjoy it, you’re the one with a serious problem and you’ll need to be soaked in the sperm of a Bishop for five days after which you’ll have an orgy with ten ordained priests before going for counseling with Pastor TB Joshua.

Now tell me again why homosexuality is the greatest sin? This time, without being a pervert.


Delle Daniels (a pseudonym) is a graduate of Electrical Engineering from the University of Nigeria. Asides his burning passion for writing, he has a strong zeal for activism and social justice. 


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