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The Russian LGBT Network is the All Out LGBT Hero of the Year

Earlier we reported that All Out wanted you to vote for your LGBT Hero of the year. Well, the people have spoken and the Russian LGBT Network has been voted the LGBT Hero of the Year. Their incredible work this year in evacuating those at risk of violence and persecution in Chechnya is very commendable and inspirational for LGBT activists across the world.

“In early April, more than 100 men were arrested under suspicion of being gay or bisexual in Chechnya. They were being held in an illegal prison and tortured. At least three men had been murdered.

Activists at the Russian LGBT Network immediately went to work, setting up a hotline for anyone at risk in Chechnya to call.

And thanks to the donations of All Out members, they had enough funds to evacuate every single person who called the hotline in need of safety. The team is continuing to provide help when needed most to LGBT people in the region.

It’s been a great honour for the team at All Out to work with such an inspiring group of activists and we’ll continue to stand by their side next year.”

~ Matt Beard, Executive Director, All Out.

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