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Bayard Rustin to be honoured by Harmony: A Chorale

Denver’s gay chorus, Harmony: A Chorale, will be celebrating the life and legacy of Civil Rights icon, Bayard Rustin.

Titled Bayard Rustin: The Man Behind the Dream, it will feature Mark Boykins as the narrator, Hazel Miller and her band and the Arvada High School Chorale.

Bayard Rustin worked with Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr to found the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, but was forced to resign because he was gay. He later became the Executive Director of the first March on Washington in August, 1963.

Westword is reporting that the show will detail his life, from when he was a high school student coming out to his grandmother up until his death. The music is diverse, covering a variety of genres, from blues to tango, quaker hymns to rap.

The Rustin Times is inspired by the life of Bayard Rustin.

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