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Deadpool 2 introduces LGBTQ romance to a major superhero film

Marvel’ snarky superhero; Deadpool has returned with a sequel to the 2016 superhero blockbuster and this time he is bearing gifts for the LGBTQ community. While critics and fans all over the world are focusing on the incredible performances, twisted humor and dynamic action, we were more focused on the gay romance between mutants; Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Yukio.

This is a big dead as their relationship, which is explicitly stated and not merely implied, gives Deadpool 2 the distinction of becoming the first mainstream superhero film to feature an LGBTQ romance. The film originally made headlines for the LGBTQ community when it was revealed that it would star an LGBTQ character in Shatterstar, a genetically engineered mutant from an alternate future with the ability to generate powerful shock waves. However, the character didn’t stick around for long and his sexuality wasn’t mentioned, but the film undeniably made up for it with its depiction of a same-sex relationship.

Despite their lack of screen time, their relationship is positively portrayed, they hold hands and Yukio is referenced as Warhead’s “girlfriend”. Yes, it’s small, but there’s no denying it’s a massive step for representation in a genre dominated by straight male characters. The Marvel Cinematic Universe (Deadpool is Fox btw) have minor LGBTQ characters in Jeri Hogarth from Jessica Jones and Joey Gutierrez from Agents of Shield, but there’s been zero representation on the big screen.

But it does look like strides are being made. The studio’s first black superhero; Black Panther, led his own movie this year to widespread acclaim and box office galore, while their first female-led adventure, Captain Marvel, is due for release next year with Academy Award winner Brie Larson in the title-role. We are definitely excited to see what else they have in store and award them a big thumbs up for inclusion.

Watch the trailer for Deadpool below:


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