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Owode Arrest, MI Abaga, Johannesburg Pride. Here are the stories that made headlines in 2017

It has been an interesting year for us at The Rustin Times. We launched our website this year and the feedback we have gotten has been amazing. We have had over 10,000 page views since our launch in July and we owe it all to your support. While we understand that there has been inconsistencies on our part when it comes to the frequency to which we update the site, we would assure you that we hope to do better in 2018.

Without futher ado, here are some of the top stories that made headlines on our website this year. Click on the titles to read them.



Here are the top 5 news updates on our website in 2017.

Owode Arrest

The arrest of over 40 individuals at a party in Owode made international headlines. From campaigns for their release to advocacy from international human rights organisations, Nigeria was in the news again for their treatment of LGBT persons in the country


Johannesburg Pride

Johannesburg Pride was in the news when some queer communities across South Africa called for its boycott due to its location and alleged “homophobic” performer. However, the organisers offered clarification in a statement made available to The Rustin Times.


Idols South Africa and Transphobia

Injabulo Projects put out a petition asking for Idols SA to apologise to Ashern Madlopha for Transphobic remarks from the judges.


Alexander Cummings on LGBT Rights

Liberian Presidential Candidate Alexander Cummings said he was not not going to support the rights of LGBT persons if he becomes president.


Olumide Popoola launches ‘When We Speak of Nothing’ in Lagos

Nigerian author Olumide Popoola launched her debut novel ‘When We Speak of Nothing’ in Lagos. At the launch she spoke on transvisibilty in Nigeria and why the book is important for this time.



Here are the top 5 Opinion pieces published on our website in 2017.

Boye Black: Is M.I Abaga the ally the Nigerian LGBT community needs now?

Founder of The Rustin Times, Boye Black writes on MI’s tweet against the Sam Sex Marraige Prohibtion Act.


Nyar Afrika: Why we need to talk about Lesbian Rape

Kenyan writer, Nyar Afrika speaks on the importance of speaking out against lesbian rape.


Adefolami Ademola: What if straight guys were the ones hunted?

Nigerian writer, Adefolami Ademola writes an emotional piece about the persecution on LGBT persons and what could happen if the tables were turned.


Jide Macaulay: A response to the wave of homophobia in Nigeria

British-Nigerian Pastor, Jide Macaulay pens a heartfelt piece in response to the Owode Arrests.


Ekene Odigwe: Dear Self-righteous One

Nigerian journalists, Ekene Odigwe writes an open letter in response to the murder of Giovanni Melton.



Here are five of the most popular stories shared on our site by members of the LGBT community.

“I never came out; I was outed” – George Barasa

Kenyan artist and musician, George Barasa shared his story on finding himself after he was outed by the local newspaper.


Nelly Samz on being Intersex in Kenya

Intersex is a topic that many Africans don’t talk about and Nelly Samz shares her story.


Jay Bond on balancing Faith and Sexuality

While many say it is impossible to be Gay and Christian, Jay Bond shares his story on how he has come to reconcile his faith and his sexuality.


Vera on being Transgender in Nigeria

The stories of transgender people across the continent are usually sensationalised by the mainstream media. Vera, a Nigerian transgender woman shares her story of resilience.


IBK on his Coming Out Journey

Coming out to family is usually a huge step for gay men. IBK shares his journey and discusses why it is important for the fight for equality.



Cover Star is a section of our site where we profile/interview members of the community doing tremendous work. Here are our top 5 interviews in 2017.

Bandy Kiki

Bandy Kiki is a Cameroonian LGBT Activist working with the GIA Foundation.


Pamela Adie

Pamela Adie is a Nigerian LGBT activist and is currently the Chief Servant at The Equality Hub.


Micheal Ighodaro

Micheal Ighodaro is an Assistant Professor of Global LGBTI Studies at The New School University in New York. He is also the Program Manager at AVAC, Global Advocacy for HIV Prevention.


Gerald Hayo

Gerald Hayo is the founder of Girls’ Pride Kenya and currently works as the communications and administration officer at Rainbow Women of Kenya, a Lesbian, Bisexual, Intersex organisation that champions for the social, legal and health rights of LBIQ women in the region.



Nakhane is a South African actor and musician. He is the recipient of the acting prize at the 2017 Durban International Film Festival for his role in ‘The Wound.’


Thank you all for the support so far. We could not have made it without you. Here is to more in 2018. If you are interested in joining our team or you would like to contribute to our website in any form, kindly fill the contact form below.

Have a prosperous 2018.


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