Rotimi Chris: Naturally Homosexual

“Homosexuality is unnatural!”

This has become the mantra of the average anti-gay person in the world, whether or not they understand the meaning behind such statement. Sadly, many people, even homosexuals believe this to be true, hence prompting the need to change or even pray the gay away. These are not exactly irrational people who just want to make the lives of some people miserable. The belief is backed up by the ultimate book itself, the final arbiter to most arguments between men.

“For this reason, God gave them up to dishonourable passions. For their women exchanged natural relations for those that are contrary to nature; and the men likewise gave up natural relations with women and were consumed with passion for one another, men committing shameless acts with men and receiving in themselves the due penalty for their error. And since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them up to a debased mind to do what ought not to be done.”
Romans 1:26-28

Well, the bible called Madam Nature as a witness, perhaps we should cross-examine this witness; and if you’re reading this, yes, I am outrightly challenging scriptures.

For every attribute exhibited by living things, physical or otherwise, they all exhibit the same behaviour of falling into varying spots on a spectrum. The normality of that location is then dependent on the population distributed within that location.

For example, the shortest adult on record is 2ft1’, the tallest person is 8ft11’ and the average height of the adult human is 5ft6’. The majority of the population is distributed in a cluster around that median.


Anyone over 7feet is considered a giant while anyone below 4feet is called a midget. Now look at the map and see how many people fall into the majority population and those same people get to call the others names. Now imagine if most people averaged 2ft5. Anyone over 5 feet would be called abnormal.

This same trend follows all attributes of life in terms of average populations and the corresponding distributions at the polar ends: weight, speed, sense of humour, IQ, temper, sex drive, skin colour/tone, penis/breast size etc. Whatever trait exhibited by a living thing you can think of falls into this graph – the majority of the population falling into a cluster while the rest are scattered on the opposite ends. Please take time to verify this for yourself.

The description and nomenclature mainly used by us are because, (and strictly my opinion), the human race is still evolving and as we gain better understanding such nomenclature will change. This understanding will stop us from using derogatory names or even persecuting attributes that are different from ours. It might interest you to know that humans have done same to albinos and even left-handed people.

This brings me to the matter of homosexuality. If every known trait exhibited by living things falls into this same pattern of distribution, why would anyone who claims to have the slightest understanding of nature and science claim that somehow, sexuality would be excluded?


If religion and cultural biases were discounted, the sexual orientation distribution will look just like this. By extrapolation from other traits, it can be theoretically concluded that most humans are bisexual, especially in a manner that still meets nature’s demand for procreation. If you just read this and said “God forbid”, is it possibly because you’ve been conditioned to feel that way?

As the human race progresses, and I believe it will continue to, these pillars that have been founded on dogma will continue to crumble but in a way that doesn’t take your spirituality with it. I said spirituality, not religion. Religion should die.

Based on these, I can say


Statement of fact:

The very idea that homosexuality goes against nature is in itself, against nature.


Yes, homosexuals are in the minority and exhibit behaviour that the members of the majority cluster distribution, (straight people), find hard to understand, the evidence shown by nature is that this pattern is not strange by any measure. Calling homosexuality unnatural is as stupid as calling dwarfism, albinism, left-handedness, and others unnatural.


Rotimi Chris (a pseudonym) is a screen writer with a dozen screen titles to his credit, under a different pen name. Frequently, he infuses social issues affecting different groups of people into his works, including homosexuality, of which he’s proudly one. He is currently based in New York and hopes to add his voice in the fight against institutional homophobia.


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  1. Fantastic read but that’s assuming human thinking is rational. Put religion into it and his argument becomes seriously flawed

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