Religious Leaders in Senegal don’t want Rihanna in the country because she promotes homosexuality

A group of Religious Leaders in Senegal have declared Rihanna persona non grata and have asked the government to cancel her scheduled visit to the country.

Known as “No to Freemasonry and homosexuality,” it is a collective that has 30 Islamic religious institutions.

Jeune Afrique was the first to break the story.

“Rihanna does not hide it: she is part of the Illuminati, which is a branch of Freemasonry,” says Sheikh Oumar Diagne, in charge of the communication of the collective. “Moreover, its arrival coincides strangely with the date originally planned for the Humanist and Freemason African and Malagasy (Rehfram) Meetings [to be held in Dakar]. In our eyes, it was an attempt at diversion intended to conceal from public opinion the holding of this meeting of Freemasons.”

Rihanna is scheduled to attend a conference on education alongside the French president, Emmanuel Macron. It is organised by the Global Partnership for Education and Rihanna is an ambassador.

The Senegalese Government and Rihanna have not given a response.

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