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Uganda’s MPs want anti-gay bill reintroduced in Parliament

Members of Uganda’s parliament want to reintroduce the antigay bill that was deemed unconstitutional in 2014. This comes after the MPs moved a motion to praise the speaker Rebecca Kadaga for “upholding cultural values” and speaking against LGBT issues at the March Inter-Parliamentary Union Conference. She added that Uganda will withdraw from the Union if they tried to endorse the rights of LGBT people.

Here is what happened.


After words of commendation were given, the members of parliament discussed the need for a new anti-gay bill to be passed.


Watch below.


“It’s so sad to hear honourable members of parliament completely ignoring the historical facts of Uganda and pushing a hateful foreign agenda on Ugandans. It is well documented that Britain forced anti-gay laws to Uganda, meaning it is homophobia which is un-African or un-Ugandan, not homosexuality” Edwin Sesange of the African Equality Foundation in a conversation with Pink News  “I appeal to them to start reclaiming the traditional values of Africa like love for all, non-discrimination, among others which were eroded by the foreign discriminatory sodomy laws.”

LGBT people in Uganda face discrimination and violence and their rights are not often protected.

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