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5 reasons why everyone absolutely needs to watch ‘Queer Eye’


When Netflix announced they’d be rebooting Bravo’s Queer Eye, I was definitely skeptical because they had a pretty bad reboot record. But I am more than happy to report that it is everything we could have hoped for and more. The show’s premise is that five LGBT men, dubbed the Fab Five, go and help some poor, unfortunate soul remodel their life and general style. The five categories that the fab five members touch on are: fashion, interior design, grooming, food/wine and culture. If the premise of the show hasn’t sold you yet, here are five binge worthy reasons you should watch Netflix’s reboot:

The Cast:


The show’s Fab Five consists of Jonathan van Ness (grooming), Tan France (fashion), Bobby Berk (interior design), Antoni Porowski (food/wine) and Karamo Brown (culture). Each guy has a different personality, yet it’s easy to fall in love with each one of them. Whether it’s Jonathon’s playful attitude or Karamo’s suave appearance, it’s 100 percent certain you’ll fall in love with something about these guys. The diverse cast definitely sheds light on how well rounded the gay community is, laying emphasis on the fact that being gay is more than the stereotypical construct.

It Represent the LGBT community beautifully:

The original debut of Queer Eye happened in 2003, back when mainstream media had rarely represented the LGBT community. Now the reboot shines a light on people who are LGBT in a time where being openly gay, bisexual, transgender isn’t frowned on, even though society still has a long ways to go. Mainstream television doesn’t portray LGBT characters as prominently as it should, and producers often overlook the possibility to represent the community. Despite how far society has come in acceptance of LGBT individuals, shows such as Queer Eye stand as a reminder that all people, despite their sexuality, are people.And more importantly it shows how influential LGBT persons can be in all works of life.

Plenty laughs and even more laughter:

is guaranteed to make you laugh, if you haven’t heard Jonathan say HENNY, you haven’t really known happiness. Each member of the Fab Five has their own sense of humor, and, throughout each episode, they’re constantly making jokes that will bring tears to your eyes. The transformation process for each man can be stressful and overwhelming, so the Fab Five make the situation lighthearted. Anytime throughout an episode, you can find yourself doubling over and laughing along with the guys in the show, making it totally relatable.

There is something for Everyone:

Some people may just outright say that this show isn’t for them. They’re wrong. Queer Eye has a little bit of everything. It’s funny, it’s touching (more than a few happy tears here and there) and overall, it’s just entertaining to watch. You don’t necessarily have to be into fashion, cooking, etc. to love this show. Anyone watching this can get life lessons and rules to adapt to their own life. Plus they actually touch on real life issues with totally applicable solutions.

The show address the key issues in society:

Within each episode of the show, there’s an underlying topic. Whether it’s tackling acceptance people who are LGBT, being an black man in today’s society or handling self-image problems, the show puts taboo topics at the forefront. Between the Fab Five and the men they are remodeling, there’s dialogue that shows that a simple face-to-face conversation can enact some amount of change. In a country divided by race, religion and political differences, Queer Eye has shown that conversation is vital to understanding each other. It shows that despite all of the conflicts within society, that everyone is human.

Seriously you don’t have to take my word for it, please just go and see one episode and you too will fall in love with the show. Click HERE to watch the trailer.

P.S. Tan, Karamo, Bobby, Antoni, and Jonathan if you somehow read this please be my friends. I love you guys!

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