Eyewitness narrates how Delta State Police arrest over 100 alleged LGBT persons.

About 100 men and women alleged to be gay were reportedly arrested in Asaba, Delta State, Nigeria, according to a witness who reported the incident to NoStringsNG . Narrating the incident, the witness who happened to have escaped told the advocacy blog that the police showed up at the hotel’s club at about 2:00 am, where about 100 men and women were having a party, and started beating and harassing everyone in attendance, hitting the party-goers with their guns and hands before arresting them.

The incident reportedly happened at Delta Park Hotel in Asaba and according to the witness, after the police had finished beating them, they arrested everyone, including the staff and management of the hotel, and took them to police station in Asaba, the witness told NoStringsNG. The advocacy blog also quoted the human rights activists who are working on the case to say; some of the arrested persons have given statements, and the police have granted them bail. Meanwhile, dozens are still being detained at the police station and the police have threatened to charge the matter to court.

According to, another witness claimed that the police shot a man at the party, and then carried him away in their vehicle to an unknown destination. That statement is however yet to be verified. Why there’s yet to be an official statement on the arrests, we will be monitoring the story for updates.

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