Ghana’s speaker of parliament receives a peace prize as he labels homosexuality a vile practice.

On Tuesday, May 22, 2018, members of Ghana’s Parliament unanimously and in the strongest terms, expressed their disgust over calls for the legalisation of homosexuality. Shutting down any hope for a violence free society for LGBT persons in Ghana. This week; The Reverend Professor Aaron Michael Oqauye, Ghana’s Speaker of Parliament, has asked nations threatening to withhold development assistance to developing countries in Africa who are refusing to legalize homosexuality, to rethink their position.

In  a report made by Ghana Web, He says; no nation should be pressurized by anybody into recognizing gay rights and that insisting on this as a pre-condition for providing development support was completely unacceptable. And that those pushing the agenda should also appreciate the right to good health, nutrition, and peace – vital human rights, which should equally be promoted, protected and jealously guarded. These are what the rich nations should be focusing more effort on, he added.

For someone who has such strong view on LGBT persons, it is obvious he doesn’t understand a thing about what he is pushing for. He has labeled homosexuality a practice and not a sexual orientation. He goes on to talk about “the right to good health, nutrition, and peace – vital human rights, which should equally be promoted, protected and jealously guarded” as if gay rights and education won’t stop the rise of HIV in the entire population, stop the unjust rate of violence for LGBT people and ultimately bring peace to a country that is desperately fighting against its own people because they love differently from others.

Prof Oquaye was speaking when a delegation from the Ghana Chapter of the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) paid a courtesy call on him at his office in Parliament. He repeated the united and non-negotiable position taken by parliament to shoot down any legislation seeking to give backing to the practice of homosexuality in Ghana that came before it.

The UPF presented the Speaker with the “Ambassador for Peace Award”, “Little Angels of Korea Medal” and a citation. The group was there to present him the awards and a citation. Apparently his actions are considered peaceful even though they put LGBTQA persons in danger.

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