Dewy Oputa and Charles Oputa are setting LGBT acceptance examples for Nigerian families.

We have all wondered what it would be like if a celebrity or their family came out as gay to the public in Nigeria. How would Nigerians take the news that someone had the guts to let people know gay people walked among them, what would the family response sound like? What angle would the media take and would this be the straw that broke the camel’s back? July brought us a real life depiction of this scenario and we have been watching closely to give you all the details.

Dewy Oputa, the daughter to one of Nigerian’s most controversial entertainer, singer and political activist; Charles Oputa a.k.a “Charly Boy”, proudly showed off her girlfriend on Instagram and they immediately went viral. Dewy who is a stylist and property management practitioner, based in Atlanta Georgia, USA came out via an Instagram post stating that she was a bit nervous but she and her girlfriend have decided to create a couples page. The post featured 2 cute couple selfies and a chummy looking video to follow. Take a look at the post below;

While speaking with Punch Newspaper, Dewy said she shared the post because she got tired of hiding and decided it was time to live in her truth. The post was followed with a few negative comments but more of positive comments showing love and support to the couple. In response to critics and haters, Charly Boy also took to his Instagram page to show his support and declare he loved Dewy as much as he loved all his children.

For Those going Gaga over my Princess Dewy’s post. Hear This. The best thing about being true to yourself is that nobody can insult you by telling you what you have just told them. Acceptance has to come from, Within. I am blessed with beautiful Children and grandchildren. Love ❤️ em All. Thank you, God,” he wrote on Instagram while sharing a video of Dewy and her girlfriend.

While Dewy’s post was met with mostly love and support, the case wasn’t the same for her father after showing his support. His followers mostly had vile things to say because they felt he had failed as a father by standing by his lesbian daughter. Charly Boy has built a reputation as someone who doesn’t back down from a challenge and in that same spirit he responded to the hateful comments mercilessly. Take a look at some of the comments on his post below:

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Following her fathers post, Dewy said her parents didn’t accept the choice of their daughter, being a lesbian so easily. Here’s what she said:

I can’t pinpoint the exact age I found out about my sexuality, but I was much younger. When I came out to my parents, it took them a while to adjust but my happiness comes first. I don’t feel bad about the negative comments my sexuality post has generated. I knew Nigerians would always have negative things to say and I was mentally prepared for it. I’m not here to sway anybody’s point of view; I’m here to bring awareness.

In her interview with Punch she was asked if she nursed any fear about coming to Nigeria considering that there is an anti-gay law in place in the country, and she replied saying;

To be honest, I do not have any fears. I think there are far more critical issues that are yet to be resolved. So, why should my sexual orientation affect the next man? Nigerians that have a problem with the LGBTQ community need to mind their business and focus on the critical life and death situation at hand. Love has never killed the next man.”

Dewy also went on to say she had future plans to help the African LGBT Community through advocacy;

My mission for creating a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer platform is to provide a safe place for youths in the African community. I strive to create an accepting and welcoming community where everyone is free to express themselves and be loved for who they are. I want a place where individuals such as myself can create authentic friendships and thrive as the person they were born to be.”

There are so many ways this story could have gone wrong as we’ve seen with other parents and queer children but as you can see all is mainly well even though her father is a popular political and entertainment figure. We hope that this would set an example for other parents to know that being gay doesn’t mean your child stops to exist, life goes on after all. The Rustin Times is sending positive energy, love and light to the Oputa Family and thanks them for setting an example.

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