Infinix Nigeria releases statement over billboard; Twitter Users demand more

Infinix Nigeria has released a statement over a controversial billboard that has been circulating across the internet. The board read “Say no to lesbianism, homosexuality and drug abuse” and is located at the Abuja Campus of the University of Port Harcourt.



Many internet users went on social media to call out the telephone brand on endorsing messages that can incite violence against members of the LGBT community.

The Rustin Times Contributor Peter Okeugo voiced his concerns in a series of tweets.


Other users also shared their disdain for the ad.


However, Infinix Nigeria released a statement on Twitter, denying any knowledge of the billboard.


Following the release of the statement, users have asked that the phone brand takes action to ensure that the billboard is pulled down and issue an apology to Nigeria’s LGBT community.


Homophobia is commonplace in Nigeria and sometimes can lead to violence and arrests of members of the community.



DanPheonix on Twitter brought it to our attention that Infinix had deleted the statement. James Lantern provided an update.


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