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DHQ Condemns Amnesty International over report; Spokesperson says Nigeria’s culture forbids homosexuality

Following Amnesty International’s report on Nigeria’s security situation and human rights abuses, the Defence Headquarters (DHQ) has released a statement saying that it is a gross disservice to the nation’s security command; adding that the actions of the organisation is geared towards “weakening the efforts of the Nigerian military at ensuring peace and security in the country.”

Amnesty International states that “reports continued of extrajudicial executions, enforced disappearances, and torture and other ill-treatment, which, in some cases, led to deaths in custody. Conditions in military detention conditions were harsh. Communal violence occurred across the country. Thousands of people were forcibly evicted from their homes.”

On LGBT Rights, Premium Times also added that it is incorrect for AI to say the rights of members of the LGBT community are not respected because it is the law of the country and the culture of Nigerians forbids all forms of homosexuality.

“This position of AI, clearly shows lack of respect for the constitution of Nigeria which these laws have become part. Let it be known that the Nigerian Government and its people are not ready and would never be, even in future, to please AI or anyone with the introduction of ‘such things.” Brigadier General John Agim, the Acting Director Defence Information, said in his statement. “However, if AI feels strongly against the position of the Nigerian people on this issue and wants to assist the ‘victims’, they could issue these class of people with green cards to enable them re-locate to other places across the world that accept such practices as it may not be necessary for them to remain Nigerians.”

Nigeria’s Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act was signed into law by Goodluck Jonathan in 2014 and criminalises sexual behaviour between people of the same sex. The law also invalidates same sex marriage and civil unions.

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